Meet MacKenzie Brumley

I’ve been adding stamps to my passport since before I was even out of diapers, all thanks to my mother. She had the best job on the planet: Sales rep for some of the most luxurious hotels in England, France, and Italy.

Did little old me get to accompany her on some of her business trips? You bet I did!

In fact, I remember a trip to Paris particularly well. My mother and I paid a visit to one of “her” properties, a 19th-century hotel on the Right Bank, just a stroll down the street from the Arc du Triomphe.

founder of the Depature

We were a stone’s throw away from Paris’s greatest treasures—but what I remember most is the hotel itself. For starters, the staff gave me my own room … which was a VERY big deal to seven-year-old me. Our visit was around Easter time; when I swung open the door to my room I was greeted with a life-size chocolate bunny sitting next to my fluffy bed. Down in the lobby, there was a plush chair as big as a throne; it sat right beside a suit of armor, which was polished until it gleamed. Every afternoon, I would bound up into this chair and pretend I was a queen ruling over my beloved people.

From the gorgeously landscaped gardens to the whimsically chic decor, there was something new to surprise and delight me around every corner. My imagination ran wild down the posh corridors of the hotel!

While some things have changed about how I travel today (for starters, I definitely venture outside my hotels now!), that Paris trip forever shaped how I approach my vacations—and how I design my client’s as well.

Let Me Surprise & Delight You

My goal at The Departure is to fill up your itinerary with plenty of surprises and delights. Because, to me, that’s what well-planned luxury travel is all about. It’s about feeling like a kid again—in absolute awe of the wonder all around you.

That sense of wonder and discovery doesn’t just happen by accident. Thoughtful attention to detail, a highly personalized approach, and plenty of pampering add up to a simply stupendous stay. You get all three when you work with me, as I unlock access to prime properties, beyond-the-tourist-trap tours, and much more. 


Welcome to the luxury of wonder—it’s time to check in. 

MacKenzie’s Top 5

I’ve checked off 22 countries (and counting!) on my own travels—but a few destinations stand apart. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

I went on a solo trip in 2018—and bungee jumped off the Auckland Bridge. Am I proud I did it? Yes. Would I do it again? Jury is still out… 

1. New Zealand: 

The home to some of the best spas and ski resorts I’ve ever experienced.

2. Switzerland: 

Cozy chic hotels, warm and friendly locals, yummy, filling food—Ireland just felt like home.

3. Ireland: 

I visited as a kid, and it made me feel like a princess! A must-stop in England—especially for Jane Austen fans.

4. Bath, England: 

Okay, I haven’t been yet, but it’s at the top of my personal bucket list—I’m ready to spy plenty of penguins and kayak with whales.

5. Antarctica: 

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